VIXX’s new concept discussion!


Some K-Starlights have been discussing possible concepts for VIXX’s 2nd mini album. We came to the conclusion that mirror (from the date 10.01)stars/space (from the special teaser)future (from the special teaser) are all key words to clue us in. Using these hints, K-Starlights have come up with the following potential concepts:

  1. Doppelganger because of the mirror keyword, where they split up 3:3 like in hyde but half ends up dying (because that’s apparently the fate of a doppelganger, and the definition of the word can also be an ‘apparition’)
  2. Parallel Universe because the stars in the special teaser were spinning clockwise when in reality stars spin counter-clockwise
  3. (Within #2) Cyborg vs. Police because of the future and potential, and ‘sides they have never shown before’ can be interpreted to mean they couldn’t show it because cyborgs have not been developed but in this parallel universe they have, and Jekyll and Hyde is said to be the representative piece of work of cyborgs (tying previous concepts together)

We’ve never had discussions before, but it’s something we want to foster in this community… So, what do you think their new concept will be?

(via spendmoneykillbills)